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USLS is a leader in the auto transportation industry. Handing over possession of a vehicle, one’s prized and valuable possession, is an uneasy task. That is why our dedicated care and handling of vehicles and excellent customer service makes us a top choice for auto dealers and private customers that seek an extra level of protection for their autos. We offer a white-glove service and dispatch new, state-of the-art trucks with top of the line equipment, to ensure that vehicles are safely delivered in pristine condition. While we specialize in luxury, exotic, and classic vehicles, we of course provide that same quality care and attention to detail to your ‘standard’ vehicle as well. We treat every vehicle like a ‘luxury’ vehicle.

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Individual/Private Customers

Individual/Private Customers

USLS has adapted to the huge surge in online out-of-state auto purchasing by expanding its nationwide network of trucks. We provide transport for every route in the country.

Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers

USLS handles the shipment of many dealerships across the nation. We have serviced many of the leading brands top authorized sellers.



Moving is very stressful! Let USLS take this off your mind and check it off the list. We will work around your schedule to make sure no scheduling conflicts occur during this hectic time.

Car Shows

Car Shows

USLS takes pride in servicing the US’s major annual auto shows. We dispatch trucks to America’s top classic and exotic car shows like Barrett Jackson and Concours d’Elegance.


USLS’s impressive equipment and highly-trained and experienced drivers ensure that vehicles arrive in pristine condition. Additionally, all of our transports are fully insured!

Quality Service

At USLS, we understand that communication is the key to a smooth transport. Our trained staff is always available to answer any questions, discuss scheduling details or provide vehicle updates on the road.


At USLS, we take pride in our honest and upfront approach to our customers. The price that is quoted, is the TOTAL price that you will pay with NO hidden fees (like ‘fuel surcharges’).

Quick Turnaround

We guarantee a pickup within 3 days for most routes in the country and we waste no time on the road! Whether it's coast to coast or anywhere in between, USLS will get you your vehicle in no time!


As long as there is truck access, we will come right up to your driveway to pickup or deliver your vehicle! If not, we will try to come as close as we can get.

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Have a look at some of the luxury, exotic and classic vehicles that we have shipped