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U.S. Luxury Shippers LLC (USLS) is a licensed and bonded nationwide auto transportation company with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Our main corporate office is in South Florida but we have a wide network of trucks running routes all across the country. With the huge surge in online car buying, the need to ship vehicles out of state has risen dramatically. We have adapted to the growing nature of the online car business, by providing customers with quick-turnaround times and excellent customer service. While we specialize in the transportation of exotic, luxury and classic vehicles, we transport standard vehicles as well. We ship vehicles in open car-carriers and enclosed container trailers and have a variety of different types of trucks for both options.

Open Transport:

The most common open transport trailers we dispatch are the stacked, dual-level, 18-wheel trailers that can be frequently seen on the freeways. These trailers fit 8-10 vehicles at a time and typically go longer distances. For shorter routes, vehicles are transported on flatbed trailers that can fit anywhere from 2-4 vehicles at a time. Mostly, customers with standard vehicles elect for this option since it is the cheaper option, but by no means is this a compromise on our quality service; the drivers are well-trained and professional and the trucks are well-maintained and in good-running condition. One unique feature we offer on these trailers is we secure vehicles to the floor by using soft straps over the wheels, instead of chains over the suspension, which can cause misalignment and tire damage.

Enclosed Transport:

The most common enclosed trucks we dispatch are dual-level, hard-sided, semi-trailers that come equipped with extended ramps or hydraulic lift-gates that accommodate low ground-clearance vehicles since they minimize the incline on loading/unloading. These trucks typically fit 5-6 cars at a time and are used for both long and short routes. For the exclusive ‘Specialized Exotic Option’, we dispatch single-2 car hard-sided trailers that are pulled by pickup trucks. Known in the industry as ‘hot shots’, these trailers offer a more dedicated service and have a faster transit time on the road than the standard trucks.


We like to preferably work with at least a 2 week lead time before the desired pickup date but in many instances, we can have vehicles picked up even within 2-3 days! In a situation where a customer is unable to wait until the estimated pickup time, there may be an express shipping option available. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, with the inevitable unexpected delays that are bound to occur, USLS doesn’t guarantee any exact pickup/delivery days, but rather gives 2-day windows on each end. However, we always try our best to accommodate each individual customer’s specific scheduling needs and deadlines. As it gets closer to the shipment date, our dispatchers will be able provide a more precise time-frame and the drivers are instructed to call customer 24 hours in advance to the pickup to provide a 2-hour window, as well as calling an hour before arrival at the pickup/delivery location.

Transit times:

For most routes in the country, we go direct from pickup to delivery. This translates into quick transit times on the road. For cross-country routes, it typically takes about 7-10 days on the road. For medium-distance trips (1-2000 miles), it generally takes between 3-6 days and for short routes (under 1,000 miles) it typically takes 1-3 days on the road.

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