1) How do you transport my vehicle?

For open transport, we transport vehicles on the car carriers you see on the highways (the stacked double-decker like trailers). On enclosed transport, vehicles are transported in fully-enclosed semi-trucks but with the interior designed to secure vehicles (from the outside they look like the typical cargo or moving truck).

2) What is the difference between Open and Enclosed transport?

In terms of damage, there is not a huge difference between the two options. However, on an open transport, the vehicle is exposed and would, therefore, be subject to weather conditions and wear-and-tear on the road (just as if you were driving it yourself) as opposed to the enclosed trucks, which protect the vehicle from the elements.

3) Is my vehicle fully insured for any damage that can occur on the transport?

Yes. Every truck we dispatch carriers full built-in coverage on the entire value of the vehicle. That means you will be fully covered for any existing bump, dent, nick or scratch that is found on the vehicle.

4) How does the insurance work?

There is a bill of lading inspection document on both pickup and delivery, where you and the driver will walk around the vehicle and mark off the condition. If everything matches up, then you are good to go! If you see something on the vehicle that wasn't there when you handed over the vehicle on pickup, make sure to mark it off on the bill of lading and please call one our agents to assist you in initiating a claim. Damage that is not documented on the bill of lading will not be honored by the insurance company.

5) Where do you pick up my vehicle from and drop it off on delivery?

We try to go door-to-door on both ends, as long as there is truck access. Vehicles are transported on large, semi-trucks so if you live on a narrow street, we may have to coordinate a pickup/delivery at a nearby parking lot or shopping center where there is ample space for the truck to maneuver to load/unload the vehicle.

6) What is the process to schedule a pickup for my vehicle?

To schedule a pickup, either submit a quote request on our website or call our representatives direct and they will let you know our availability. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, the dispatch department typically likes to work with a 2-3 day window on both pickup and delivery so we kindly request if you can make yourself flexible with the transport dates and scheduling.

7) How does payment work?

We ask for a small deposit at the time of placing your order (a percentage of the total cost of the transport) and the remaining balance to be paid on delivery in cash or certified funds (i.e cash, cashier's check or money order). If this is impossible, please arrange with our reps to have the whole balance charged on a credit card prior to delivery.

8) How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

We request that you have half a tank of gas or less due to DOT weight restrictions. We also ask that if your vehicle is dirty to have a car wash so the vehicle will have visibility for the inspection

9) Am I allowed to put personal possessions in the vehicle?

According to federal guidelines, placing contents in the vehicle is prohibited. Speak to our agents if there are any exceptions to this law, in your given circumstance.

10) How will I know when the driver is coming?

The driver or dispatcher should be calling you a day in advance to give you a 2 hour window. If there is any delay or change in the schedule, we will try to inform you right away, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

11) Is there any way to track my vehicle on the road?

Unfortunately, we do not offer real time GPS tracking, However, you will be provided with both the driver and dispatchers number to call at any point to get an update. We kindly ask not to call the driver an overly amount, since we want them focusing on the road.

Is your question not listed here? Please feel free to call one our agents and they will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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